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Roblox Unblocked Games
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If you’re someone who loves gaming, especially on platforms like Roblox, you understand the excitement it brings. Playing not only fights boredom but also helps improve quick thinking, coordination, and more. But when you’re at school and trying to use the Chromebook, you might find that access to games like Roblox is blocked. This is because the school wants to make sure students stay focused on learning and avoid distractions.

However, facing these restrictions can be annoying, making you want to find ways to play Roblox Unblocked. This guide will show you different ways to do it, starting from the easiest methods to more advanced ones that still work well. Let’s discover how to enjoy gaming, even when school rules seem to stand in the way.

Why Schools Stop You from Playing Roblox?

Schools sometimes block certain websites to keep students safe and focused during class. If you notice you can’t visit a website you usually can, it might mean your school is managing internet access on your device to avoid distractions.

To see if your Chromebook is managed, start by clicking on the time in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then, keep an eye out for a building-shaped icon. If you spot this icon, it means your school or organization is controlling your device. If you don’t see the building icon, your Chromebook isn’t being managed.

How to Access Roblox Unblocked?

Playing Roblox unblocked is simple with cloud gaming platforms like now.gg. Just search for “Roblox now.gg” on Google, and click on the first link you see. That’s it!

Just remember, lots of students use this method, so your school might have blocked it. But don’t worry, if that happens, there are two other ways you can still play Roblox unblocked. Let’s check those out.

Exploring Proxy Browser Options

Now.gg is a website where you can play Roblox unblocked. Instead of installing the game on your computer, you access it through their servers. If you can’t use Now.gg because it’s blocked, you can try using proxy browsers. Proxy browsers work like regular browsers, but they’re hosted on different servers. When you use a proxy browser, your school administrators only see that you’re visiting the proxy site, and they can’t see what you’re browsing.

Many proxy browsers resemble popular educational websites, making it appear as though you’re studying when someone checks your internet activity. Coursera.gq is a good example. When you go to this site, you can enter any web address you want in the address or search bar, open new tabs, and browse normally. However, there’s a drawback: these proxy browsers tend to be slower because your requests have to pass through them before reaching you. Also, it’s important to remember that most proxies aren’t completely trustworthy, so avoid sharing any personal or sensitive information while using them.

Making Use of VPN

When it comes to accessing Roblox unblocked, using a VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, makes the process a lot simpler compared to using a proxy browser. VPNs encrypt your data and fool the school’s firewall into believing you’re visiting a different website, which lets you reach the Roblox site. Some popular VPN choices are Surfshark, which is budget-friendly, Nord VPN, a bit pricier but excellent for gaming, and DotVPN, a Chrome extension offering both premium and affordable options.

If you choose Surfshark or NordVPN, you’ll have to install their special apps. Here’s how: First, make sure the Play Store is enabled. Go to your apps, locate and tap on Google Play Store, and switch it on. You’ll see a privacy policy agreement; to agree, tap ‘more’ and then ‘accept.’ Let the Google Play Store finish setting up, then open it from your app list. Search for the VPN you want, download it, and sign in using your account details.

Many VPNs let you pick where you want to appear online. Pick a location near you, turn on the VPN, then go to your web browser and visit Now.gg.

If you’re using a Chrome VPN extension such as DotVPN, here’s what you do: Install it on Chrome, then find it in your extensions and pin it to the browser bar for quick access. Once it’s there, just toggle it on. Now, you’re free to explore any website and immerse yourself in your gaming experience without any disruptions!

Ways to Access Roblox Unblocked Online Without Now.gg

Sometimes, Now.gg isn’t completely dependable. Technical problems might crop up, preventing you from playing Roblox unblocked. But, if you’re able to download a VPN and activate it, you can simply search for Roblox on the Play Store and download it from there.

Getting APKs from Third-Party Platforms

If you can’t locate the Roblox app on the Google Play Store or can’t activate it, you can look for the Roblox APK on other well-known app platforms such as TapTap or APKpure. To get it from TapTap, you’ll need to download their app onto your PC. However, with APKpure, you can download the APK directly from their website without any additional steps.

Just like TapTap, APKpure also offers an app if that’s your preference. The benefit of using these apps is that they allow you to easily keep the apps you’ve downloaded from them updated. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can leave your VPN turned on and continue playing the game without any interruptions.


This website functions much like now.gg, pretending to be an educational platform. When you first visit, it looks like a real educational site with lots of study materials. But if you check its activity page, you’ll find it turns into a gaming center with loads of games. If you want to play Roblox unblocked from this site, here’s what you do:

  • Look for Roblox on the website.
  • Find the Roblox icon in the search results and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to an imitation Roblox flash game.
  • To begin playing Roblox online, simply select one of the servers listed on the page below.
  • You’ll be directed to a server where you can access and play Roblox.

Remember that using websites to access Roblox unblocked could come with risks. These sites might break school rules or have security issues you don’t know about. It’s essential to put your online safety first and follow the rules set by your school.

Unblocked Games Premium

You can also try out Unblocked Games 911 to play Roblox without any blocks. While it’s not exactly hidden, it provides another choice. Many schools may block this site, but you can get around that by using a VPN or proxy browser. Just go to the website, look for Roblox, choose a server, and you’re all set to start playing Roblox.

Activating System’s Safe Mode

Although it’s not a direct way to access Roblox unblocked, Safe Mode can work, though it’s not the safest choice. To activate Safe Mode, hold down the Esc, Reload, and Power buttons together. Once in Safe Mode, press Ctrl+D. Then, go to APKmirror.com, find the newest Roblox version, and download it.

Once you finish downloading, open the APK file to install the game. After installation, restart your device. When it reboots, you’ll see a message saying operating system verification is disabled. Simply press the spacebar and wait for the device to finish starting up. Once it’s done, you’ll exit Safe Mode.

Just a heads up, don’t do anything else while in Safe Mode because too much tinkering could harm your files or operating system. If you can’t access the site, no worries! You can download the APK on its own, move it to your device, and then install the game.


In our pursuit of accessing Roblox unblocked, we’ve delved into different approaches, including cloud gaming platforms, VPNs, and alternative web options. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to maintain a balance between gaming and your studies. While these methods offer access, remember to prioritize your education. Use them with moderation and responsibility, ensuring they don’t detract from your academic commitments. Enjoy your gaming experience responsibly!

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